For the birding public NARREC has produced publications on the ethics and procedures of bird ringing and has in the latest poster attempted to show the interconnectedness of the SADC region’s bird population. For the general public and especially farming communities NARREC has developed and published numerous resource materials focusing on raptors as indicators of an ecosystem’s health. The publications assist with the identification of Namibia’s large birds of prey, owls and parrots and, importantly, on the risks and threats to wildlife populations when chemical poisons and pesticides are used indiscriminately. For Namibian school learners there are various posters and worksheets at the centre. The Ministry of Basic Education has recently approved a new publication from NARREC, “Where Birds are Prey”, as a Grade 6 English reader.

Vultures and Veterinary products

The global crisis for large scavenging birds of prey cannot be overemphasized. Not only are known threats to these species being amplified across countries and continents, but new threats are constantly emerging as well.

NARREC has recently approached all members of the Veterinary Association of Namibia to assist in the reduction of deaths by ingestion of veterinary products. You can read that document here.


Newspaper articles —

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The Namibian – 27 August 2009
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The Namibian – 25 August 2011
Poison Used to Kill Predators is the Biggest Threat to Vulture Populations in Namibia
New Era – 1 September 2011
An account of Namibia's Seven Recorded Vulture Species in celebration of International Vulture awareness Day on 03/09/2011
New Era – 1 September 2011
SABAP2 is launched at the Namibia Bird Club symposium
The Namibian – May 2012 
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The Namibian – 24 May 2012
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The Namibian – 7 July 2012
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The Namibian – 4 October 2012
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The Namibian – 14 February 2013
International Pangolin Day
New Era –14 February 2013
More control needed over pesticides
The Namibian – 22 May 2014
Endangered and Critically Endangered - all 7 vulture species that should occur in Namibia
The Agra Ring – May 2016
Harsh measures to protect the pangolin
The Namibian 16 February 2017

Booklets —


  Title Sponsor(s) Availability
Namibia Large birds of Prey
A5 Full colour – English / Afrikaans 
SIDA / NNF Available from NARREC
Owls of Namibia
A5 Full colour – English
NAMDEB / NNF Available from NARREC
Predators on Livestock Farms
A5 Black & White – English / Afrikaans
Go-Green Nedbank Namibia Out of print
Where Birds are Prey
A4 Black & White English
Wildlife & Environment Society of SA
(REES program)
Available from NARREC
Bird Ringing in Namibia
A5 Black& White English
Namibia Bird Club Available from NARREC
Poisons & Pesticides
A guide to safe use
AGRA / SIDA / NNF / Raptors Namibia /
Namibia Bird Club
Available from NARREC
389kb Vulture Restaurants
A guide to creating a feeding site
Waltons Stationers Available from NARREC
First Responders Manual
A guide to help save trafficked African Pangolin
World Wildlife Fund
Namibia Chamber of the Environment
Click here to view online

Posters —

Namibia Large birds of Prey 383kb Owls of Namibia 494kb
Take a closer look 314kb    Parrots and Lovebirds of Namibia 157kb
Contact details of Ringers in Namibia 157kb Art for the earth 181kb
Migration of birds 308kb Citizen Science and Birds 308kb

Last updated 2 June, 2018