The Living World
Grade 0 to Grade 3

Teachers are welcome to request that the programme should emphasize a particular area of study.
Groups usually spend 2 – 4 hours at NARREC.
Not all activities are suitable for each class.
A snack break is taken during the course of the morning.
The activities
  A walk in nature to experience, collect and discuss rocks, grasses, leaves
  Play with and test feathers
  Look and listen to the birds – owls, eagles, vultures and falcons
  A true story about a bird – nature and threats
  Handling tiny animals
  Creating poster ecosystems – a group activity
  Creating a new species – individual drawing activity
  A game – the pyramid of life on earth
The Learning Outcomes
We CARE because we SHARE
  How it all fits together – Sun, Soil, Water, Air, Plants Animals and People
Knowing about the earth
  North – South – East – West
  Types of rock and making soil
  Cooking with the sun

Which way is the water going?

  The variety of plants – big and small, short and tall
 Looking out for and after animals
  What the animals and we need in order to live
  Sight, signs and sounds of birds and other animals
  Feather use and structure
  The variety of colour, shape and size
  Knowing about the body
  Mammals and their babies
  Domestic animals and wild families
Spotted Eagle Owl Giant Eagle Owl claw