Career Choices using an Environmental Centre
Grade 10 to Grade 12

About a three-hour outing
Arts, Sciences, Communication and Commercial fields, both technical and academic, are all necessary to develop and maintain the various activities at a centre such as NARREC.
A wide variety of life's career choices is discussed during the guided exploration of NARREC.
Activity About 45 minutes
  Students are introduced to the education and wildlife rehabilitation centre.
  Students are given an overview of activities.
Student Assignment
  Individual or group activity
  Students choose a career that will provide them with employment at the centre.
  They then creatively develop a project within their chosen field that will assist, maintain or improve the work space.
  A visual and / or oral presentation is given to the group.
Examples :
  Advertising, Marketing, Graphic Design
Communication, Languages, Information Technology
Education Teaching – Informal and Formal
Tourism – Tour-guiding, Hotel Management Cuisine
Social Work, First Aid, Youth Leadership, Health and Fitness
Business Administration, Accounting
Building, Architecture, Engineering, Specialist Activities
Urban Habitats, Horticulture, Landscaping
Conservation, Research, Ranger, Zoo Keeper
Veterinary Doctor, Nurse, Laborotary Technician, Animal Psychology
Agriculture – Domestic, Livestock, Wildlife
  Group work
  Presentation of ideas to an audience
  Discussion of career options
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