Create an ecological report
Grade 8 to Grade 12

Teachers are welcome to request that the programme should emphasize a particular area of study.
Groups usually spend four hours at NARREC.
Not all activities are suitable for each class.
A snack break is taken during the course of the morning.

An Ecology Field Assignment – An Environmental Impact Assessment in a natural area with three (imaginary) proposed developments in three different habitats
  A half-day individual or group activity
  A five-kilometre walk – Explore, collect, record, interpret, assess, communicate and present the findings.
  Study and describe the ecology of the area.
  Identify, predict and evaluate the potential Biophysical Effects of the proposed developments.
  Create an ecological report.
  Orientation using aerial photographs and contour maps
  Hands-on exploration and recording of abiotic and biotic elements of an environment. The signs of life – The structure of living things – Habitats – Food chains – Food pyramids – Environmental Assessment of the Ecosystem
  Identifying and recording biodiversity
  Understanding of how information is collected and specimens are identified
  Understanding of risks and threats to an area